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Enhance Your Love Life With Natural And Herbal Ingredients

Spanish Fly drops-the new sensation for modern womenFor thousands of years women have been using herbs, foods and potions that lit up the fire of love. The aphrodisiacs that are named after the Ancient Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite helps solve various procreation issues.

There are naturally grown herbs that stimulate desire, enhance sensitivity, increase the depth of accomplishment or boost stamina. Some herbs yield instant results, others are show their effect eventually.

Most of the times, problem in the bedroom are not so much to do with specific condition as a general lack of sexual vitality and well-being. Herbs can help this by balancing hormones which are defective due to numerous reasons including the menopause, or due to the side effects of contraceptive pills.

Clavohuasca is the traditional South American herb that used as an aphrodisiac for centuries in Brazil and Peru. It is said to be the strongest stimulant and increases passion in pre-menopausal women. It increases the blood flow to the pelvic area and one can see the effects are strongest and peaking for 3 hours after consumption.

Cordyceps is best to boost intimacy desire in women who may be on the menopause or post menopausal because this enhances the biosynthesis of the steroid harmones cortisol, testosterone and estrogen. As women age, their hormones decrease resulting in decrease of passion.

One can rely on herbal supplementary to increase the passion. Just by consuming few drops, women can enhance their love life and feelings of desire instantly. These are made of 100% natural herbs that have medicinal value that are well known to make one crave for partner with lust and desire.

There are several other ways to enhance the passion in bedroom, check my blogpost which gives complete insight on how to increase arousal natural way.

To have the best results, back-up the herbs with a healthy diet and lifestyle, including the all-important stress management because stress damages the libido faster than any other factors.

Madeleine O'Connor

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