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Five Things That You Can Do In Singapore

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia and geographically situated nearer to equator line. It is recognized as one of the world’s richest countries. This country is also known as the shopping center of Asia by most shopaholics who enjoyed their shopping here and, Singapore also has a very vibrant nightlife. Let us see five things that you should do whenever you are in Singapore.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve:

Singapore is like other western countries in celebrating New year with a big bang. During the new year eve, at Marina bay sands enjoy the splendid fireworks displays and parties that happen afterwards. Another popular party is in man-made island Sentosa which is foam party.

Experience a Chinese New Year:

If you want to experience New Year twice in a year, then go to Singapore where they celebrate New Year and Chinese New Year. According to Chinese Red color symbolizes good fortune and joy. Hence you can see everywhere decorated in Red color during Chinese New Year. A red envelope is a monetary gift which is given in Chinese society during Chinese New Year. The red color of the packet symbolizes good luck.

Ride the Ferries:

The largest ferries wheel standing at a height of 165 meters will provide you a good sightseeing. Riding at ferries wheel will take you from Singapore to Riau Islands (a province of Indonesia) as well as Johor (a state of Malaysia). Through this, you will get a feel of the Singaporean way of life and culture.

travel to SingaporeGo on a Cruise:

To enjoy the best cruise, Singapore is the best place. Through cruises, you will be able to see some of the countries near Singapore. Cruises can be a two-day trip or as long as a ten-day trip. Cruise will provide you a lot of entertainment starting from horse betting to several online games.

Ride on a trishaw:

Trishaws are bicycles that have three wheels which you can see in Chinatown. This type of transportation is an oldest one which is used to bring back traditional Singapore in those days and as such, it is a must-do for visitors and tourists. Here, you will be toured around Singapore’s Chinatown as well as the Singapore River.

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