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Travel Tips To Prevent Digital Pickpocketing

Digital Theft:

anti-theft backpack with usb charging port reviewDigital Identity Theft is a major issue faced by many people around the world. Digital identity thieves are using RFID scanners and skimmers in public places to steal your credit card information without you knowing until your identity has been stolen and the financial damage done.

It only takes a few seconds to steal your information with a digital scanner or skimmer. Because, credit card may provide limited protection against fraud and your bank account can be depleted within few minutes. Passports now contain all your personal information. When they can your passport, they will get all details and can misuse it.

Travel Tips To Prevent Pickpocketing:

There are some tips to safeguard your credit cards, wallet and digital identity. It is very crucial to take precautions to protect your identity.

  • Protect your passport, credit cards and identity with RFID blocking technology available in Anti-theft backpack.
  • Only carry zippered purses and it is better to use an anti-theft backpack to place your purse inside hidden YKK zippers.
  • Limit the number of valuables you are taking or arrange them in a manner not to look bulky. Anti-theft backpack has several compartments to place all your valuables separately and it won’t look clumsy.
  • Don’t put your wallet into your back pocket, instead keep inside anti-theft backpack to protect it from the hands of thieves and backpacks have hidden zippers to protect your wallet.
  • Limit yourself to carry only the necessary valuables during travel.
  • Limit yourself to carry only one ID card or driver’s license in your wallet or handbag.
  • Limit the amount of cash you carry in your wallet or handbag.
  • Copy or take photos of your credit cards and passport in case they’re stolen, so you can your cancel credit cards quickly.
  • When getting cash, check the ATM machine for an illegal skimmer, best to use one found inside a bank.
  • Hold your belongings in front of you in crowded tourist areas, this includes public transportation and even churches.
  • Be aware of your surroundings or if someone is following you. Stop, step into a store, or turn around to confirm your suspicions.

Anti-Theft Backpack – Digital Pickpocketing:

When you are travelling overseas, it is necessary to carry all valuables and identity cards. To save all your important valuables carry an anti-theft backpack. It has got many compartments to keep all things. These backpacks with USB charging port also available to charge your phone. It has got RFID protectors to keep all your digital cards over there. You can avoid digital pickpocketing using anti-theft backpacks.