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How Charities Flourish With Loyal and Royal Patrons

The first patronage of any organization is believed to have been George II as reported by the British Monarchy. He was Patron to the Society of Antiquaries. Currently, the Patron of this establishment is now The Duke of Gloucester, Prince Richard.

Any charity or organization which has Patron representation uses their name to show the Patron’s support and to increase the charity’s profile. There are different types of Patrons with different ways of representing their support of various organizations. For example:



Famous people give their chosen organizations extra publicity.


Members of parliament aid in increasing an organization’s credibility.

Qualified experts in fields of science or medicine

Experts such as scientists aid in the support of the organization’s mission.

Royal Family members

All Royal Family members perform all of the patronage duties mentioned above such as providing publicity, credibility, support in the missions of the organization, and more.

The Royal Family Patronage

Monarch patronages are usually passed through the generations. This type of patronage is said to have been existence for about three centuries. Charities and other organizations are always in need of royal patronage.

Royal Family Patrons contribute enormously to fund-raising. Members of the Royal Family, currently patrons include; The Duke of Kent, The Duchess of Cambridge, and the Countess of Wessex.

The Duke of Kent

Prince Edward is a Patron of the Kent County Agricultural Society. This is one of many organizations which support the services of businesses which includes farming.

The Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine Middleton is a Patron of Art Room UK. This is an organization which provides art therapy to children suffering from emotional disorders.

The Countess of Wessex

Sophie Rhys-Jones is a Patron of Wessex Heartbeat. This organization aids in work for the Wessex Cardiac Center.

How Do Organizations Get Patrons?

Charities go about acquiring patrons by assessing what each potential Patron can offer their organization. Once a Patron has been provisionally selected till approval, the organization has to submit a letter to the Patron stating who and what the organization does, and what the expectations are thereof.

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