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Useful Videos

We have listed some interesting videos you can see which focus on the work required to become a successful charity with patronage. We also take a look at one of the leading organizations supported by Patron The Majesty Her Queen.

Royal Patronages

One of the 600 charities and organizations represented by The Majesty Her Queen, is ICAN. It is responsible for aiding in learning processes for children with severe speech and language struggles.

These services are provided by experts in the field of improving a child’s communication skills such as occupational therapists. This organization also believes sufficient speech skills in children will give them greater potential as successful scholarly learners.

Scottish Charities

Non-profit organizations are required to undergo several processes in order to be registered as a charity according to the Office of the Scotland Charity Regulator (OSCR). This is a government department which was formed in 2003.

The OSCR regulates and registers over 20 000 charities. The department is responsible for the framework of which charities are required to be clear on their rights and responsibilities as a non-profit organization.